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Sometimes defects happen.

We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.


Returning defective parts to SmartGrade Pro™ through our efficient Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process.

1. Submit RMA request

Use our online RMA system to submit a return or contact your dedicated sales representative to submit your request.

2. Send defective parts

Send defective parts to our returns team. We will carefully check your returned parts to improve our quality.

3. Receive report and refund

We will provide you with a detailed Return Report and provide you with a full refund or credit.

Lifetime Warranty

Full coverage details of the SmartGrade Pro™ Lifetime Warranty Program

Time period Refund/ Credit Shipping costs Issues covered Repayment value
Defect within 30 days Full refund Free Any reason accepted Invoice value
Defect within 12 months Credit Free return shipping Manufacturer defects Market value
Defect after 12 months Credit Must pay shipping costs Manufacturer defects Market value

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Physical damage
If a battery is physically damaged, punctured or swelling please contact your representative or email with the product SKU and a photo of the damaged product.

Natural capacity fading
Lithium-ion battery capacity naturally fades overtime, dependent on capacity, charging and usage habits. Cycle counts which exceed original manufacturer standards are not valid for return.

Battery storage
Lithium-ion batteries must be stored according to best practices and properly recharged every 6 months. Click here for our overview of safety best practices.

If you receive an incorrect delivery you can return to us free of charge. We will expedite processing and provide you with a full refund. Please contact us within seven (7) business days of delivery. Online RMA is required.

Damage discovered before shipment accepted
If you receive a delivery and the transport cartons are clearly damaged, please refuse the delivery and immediately contact SmartGrade Pro ™  so we can process a claim against the shipper.

Damage discovered after shipment accepted
If you accept a delivery which has clearly been damaged, it is important that you contact us within 24 hours of the delivery date and provide:

  • Photos of all sides of the damaged transport box/ carton with one image of the carton on a scale displaying gross weight.
  • Photos of any product packaging that may have been damaged during transit.
  • Photos of any actual product that may have been damaged during transit.

We accept all returned products which have been found to meet any of the below criteria: 

  • Cosmetic defects which exceed acceptable quality standard
  • Functional issues which exceed acceptable quality standard
  • Product does not meet criteria as specified in product listing
  • Incorrect component assembly

We do not accept products which have been found to meet any of the below criteria:

  • Product not purchased from SmartGrade Pro™
  • Products with no damage/ defect (After 30 days)
  • Issues related to operating system upgrades made after date of purchase.
  • Technician damage and damage related to improper installation.
  • Tampering of assembly material or components
  • Battery capacity or failure issues with cycle counts which exceed manufacturer standards
  • Natural wear/ damage due to extended usage
  • User incidental damage due to improper handling
  • Water damage

SmartGrade Pro™ verifies all product quality through functional testing and visual inspection according to a strict quality standard unrivaled in the industry. This “Acceptable Quality Standard” is to be used as a standard of acceptable functionality and cosmetic quality in all situations unless a Client Quality Standard has been provided.

We maintain documented quality standards for all products in our product listings. Should you have any questions as to a specific product’s quality standard or BOM, please contact your representative for more information.

We support client quality standards and BOMs. Should your organization require a specific quality standard or BOM, please reach out to your representative for more information.

We test every part during the return process as part of our Corrective Actions process as well as to ensure returned products meet the criteria to be accepted.

Our returns team accepts all returns unless they it absolutely obvious that a product breaches our warranty terms. Most products which are not accepted were not purchased from SmartGrade Pro™.

In the case that returned products meet our acceptable quality standard, our returns team will reach out to you to better understand your quality criteria and either adjust our existing standard or work with you to create a Client Specific Quality Standard.

Once your returns have been inspected you will receive a Return Report and corresponding credit or refund.

Approved product
Once a replacement product, refund or credit has been issued, the returned defective product will become the property of SmartGrade Pro™.

Denied product
All denied product is recycled after a seven day grace period, and is no longer recoverable. If you would like to denied product sent to you in your next order, please contact our returns team within seven days to have products returned at customer’s expense.

Non-defective parts may be returned to SmartGrade Pro™ up to 30 days within of receiving your order.

You may unpack the product and use it as long as when returning a non-defective part, you send the product and packaging in essentially the same condition and quantity as when you received it.

A restocking fee may apply on non-defective parts ranging from 20% to 35% and is non-refundable after 30 days. Please note that this only applies to non-defective products.

Corrective Actions process

We learn from our mistakes through our closed-loop Corrective Actions process.

SmartGrade Pro™ endeavors to exceed our clients’ quality expectations and achieve six-sigma, continuously improving our product quality through our closed-loop corrective actions process:

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