Parts supply is complicated.

We maintain a sophisticated supply chain based on the circular economy model.

The SmartGrade™ supply chain

We maintain a vertical supply chain for new spare parts procurement and reverse logistics.

Client Criteria

SmartGrade™ supply originates from client criteria. Product specifications and quality criteria is defined.

Sourcing & Procurement

Parts are procured at source. Our team in Shenzhen, China works directly with factories to meet client demand.

Quality Control

We are quality obsessive. Each part is tested on site through clear and quantifiable quality requirements.



SmartGrade™ provides a complete BuyBack program purchasing used and damaged smartphone displays, cameras, rear covers and more.

Component harvesting

Nothing is wasted. Upon completion of triage devices are fully disassembled. Flex cables, ICs, and any other functional components are harvested.

Component remanufacture

We repair what other's won't. Faulty components are remanufactured to OEM specifications. From burnt displays to distorted cameras, we have a solution.

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