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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer to your questions here, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated sales representative or contact us directly via livechat, phone or email.

SmartGrade Pro Value

SmartGrade Pro employs a thorough quality control testing process on all non-service pack parts directly at our Shenzhen, China facility.

We maintain exhaustive quality criteria for all parts and leverage a corrective actions process to continuously improve the quality of our repair parts.

This allows us to provide a lifetime warranty on the majority of listings in our inventory.

Please click here for a detailed comparison between our part lines!

Yes! SmartGrade Pro takes great pride in leading the industry with the most knowledgeable and helpful customer support.

We assign a dedicated sales representative to each client, so you have a direct contact for any questions you may have.

Please visit our contact page to reach out now.

The SmartGrade BuyBack program offers the highest per batch values in the industry and leads the market in innovative solutions to reduce waste and increase value for our clients.

 We provide the best reporting and process BuyBack batches at our facility in Porto, Portugal.

For more information about our BuyBack program including weekly updated pricing, please visit our BuyBack page.


  1. Using the search bar or navigating by category, select goods by typing the quantity and clicking “Add to Order”.
  2. Once you have completed your order, click on “Proceed to Checkout”. 
  3. You may remove goods or adjust the quantity under the Totals section.
  4. If this is your first purchase, you will need to provide us with your company information. This will allow you to track your order status directly and in future orders you can directly login for easy checkout. 
  5. Complete your order by clicking “Checkout”. You can keep track of your orders by clicking on “My account”. You will be informed of any changes by email or phone.

Yes, please contact us here and request our catalog in excel format to place an order via email.

We are working to develop a fast solution to report any products that you require, which is not in our current catalog.

While we work out the bugs, please contact your dedicated sale representative who will arrange any part you may require.

We maintain in-house sourcing through our Shenzhen, China based facility as well as retain access to large selections of service pack inventory and are sure to find the part or accessory you need.

All products have a listed delay available on the specific product page. If you require the product faster than the listed delay please contact your dedicated sales representative to arrange for expedited delivery.

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

Most orders are shipped the same day as funds have been received, however if your order has not yet departed we will cancel your order immediately.

Warranty & Returns

We provide a Lifetime warranty on all parts in our catalog. Please visit our Warranty page for more information.

Yes, we support return of non-defective products within 30 days upon reception.

If you would like to refund non-defective products after 30 days reach out to your dedicated sales representative, as we may purchase these goods.

Yes! Please contact your dedicated sales representative in advance so that we may provide you with packaging and labeling instructions.

If you receive defective goods, have missing or incorrect goods, please contact your dedicated sales representative immediately.  Please check our warranty page for a detailed process depending on your situation.

Pricing & Payment

Yes, all pricing listed on SmartGrade Pro has been set to our Pro wholesale pricing tier as we do not sell to end consumers and only sell to businesses.

If you are purchasing for an institution or enterprise account, please contact us for Enterprise specific pricing.

Yes. While all pricing on SmartGrade Pro is already set to our Wholesale – Pro pricing tier, we work with clients on customized enterprise pricing for clients with large monthly order volumes. Please contact your dedicated sales representative for more information.

We accept all major credit card and PayPal options, and are currently offering billing agreements through X. 

Shipping & Delivery

Most orders ship directly out of the SmartGrade Pro™ headquarters and warehouse facility in beautiful Porto, Portugal.

SmartGrade Pro™ offers a range of shipping methods to meet your specific shipping speed and cost requirements. We have you covered with next-day and ground options throughout anywhere in Europe as well as flat-rate international to shipping to (virtually) just about everywhere worldwide.

Orders placed before your desired carrier’s cutoff time will be shipped same-day. Visit our shipping policy page for more information.

Our incredible warehouse staff is always prepared to ship out your order once it has been confirmed via phone, email or through online sale.

We most certainly do! Visit our shipping options page for more information about minimum order values dependent on your desired shipping option.

We always love to meet with you in person. Please call your dedicated sales representative an hour in advance, so that we can be sure your order is properly prepared.

Please call your dedicated sales representative, so that we can work with you to locate your order. Please bear in mind that for some shipping carriers, it is easier to track lost shipments through the receiver as opposed to the sender.

Please contact the shipping carrier directly to file a lost package claim. As the sender of the shipment, we are unable to file a claim once the tracking shows that a shipment has been delivered.

This depends on the specific carrier, shipping method and reason for the the delay.

Most carriers will not reimburse shipping costs if the delay was due to weather.

Please contact your dedicated sales representative to work with you to find the best solution for your specific situation.


Beyond Economical Repair – This is when a device is deemed more expensive to repair than the value once repair has been completed. Common reasons for BER include high costs of replacement parts, high labor costs and risk of fallout during repair. SmartGrade™ provides a range of solutions for securing value for your company’s BER stock.

Bill of Materials – This is a list of the specific components that a given device or part consists of. A BOM is instrumental to ensure the correct material is used during manufacturing and assembly.

Corrective Actions Team – The SmartGrade Pro™ Corrective Actions Team works with both our clients and manufacturers to find the root cause of quality control related failures and implement successful corrections to prevent issues from reoccurring.

International Mobile Equipment Identity – This is a unique 15-17-digit code that is assigned to every mobile device. IMEIs are becoming increasingly more important to original manufacturers to confirm the legitimacy of a part request for repair. IMEIs are also used when confirming a device’s authenticity for trade purposes.

Liquid Crystal Module – The LCM consists of the LCD panel as well as the flex cable, backlight, frame and outer glass. For most purposes you can use LCM interchangeably with “Screen” or “Display”.

Original Equipment Manufacturer – Quite possibly the most mis-used word in the industry, OEM refers to products which are manufactured from an original company and then sold through another company’s name/brand.

While this abbreviation can be attributed to original, new products it is often used to describe “98% Original” (We are still trying to find out what this means!) used, refurbished, aftermarket and complete counterfeit products.

While in some cases, we might use the term OEM (in which case we are referring to Original, new), SmartGrade Pro™ prefers to specify the exact condition (ie. Original, new; Original, refurbished; Original, pulled from production; etc.).

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. Typically most smart phone displays are either OLED or TFT. OLED displays essentially are able to create their own light, instead of requiring a backlight. This allows for pixel by pixel light control providing better contrast and wider viewing angles. Most newer devices use a form of OLED display.

Return Merchandise Authorization – This is the process to return your defective products to us. We take advantage of the RMA process to not only ensure that you quickly receive a credit or refund, but also better understand the issue you experienced and implement internal corrections to improve our products.

Supplier Corrective Actions Report – When we receive a new issue or a defect rate for a specific issue outside of our typical defect rate for a given part, we work with our supplier/ manufacturer to outline a corrective actions process through a formal SCAR process.

Serial Number / Manufacturer Serial number – This is a unique serial number generated by the manufacture. This is typically used to identify a specific model and region of a device as well as to determine a device’s warranty.

Thin-Film-Transistor – For smartphone displays, which usually do not use IPS technology, TFT can typically be used interchangeably with LCD to describe a screen type that uses a backlight to light pixels on a display. TFT structures can include G+G (Glass+Glass), G+F (Glass+Film),  OGS (On-Glass-Solution), OnCell, InCell and more.

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