Trade accounts available for

Enterprise-level businesses, Education and Government institutions.

Enterprise organizations

We provide customized solutions to meet the needs of large repair networks, refurbishers and insurance providers through both parts supply and asset recovery.

Educational Institutions

We support K-12 schools and districts, colleges, and universities with planning, hardware integration and liquidation of obsolete equipment.

Government bodies

We are experienced in meeting the unique demands of government bodies, maintaining thorough documentation and certifications for most references in our catalogue.

SmartGrade Pro™ Trade Account Benefits

SmartGrade Pro™ offers Trade Account benefits to meet the

Payment terms

Payment terms are available dependent on status and approval for education, government and enterprise organizations.

Access to in-demand SKUs

Priority access with ability to order in high volume for in-demand and hard to find references, which are not available elsewhere.

Certifications & Documentation

SmartGrade Pro™ maintains essential documentation necessary for institutions including CE certification, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), UN38.3 documentation as well as thorough quality criteria,

Dedicated sales representative

SmartGrade Pro™ provides your organization with a dedicated point of contact with experience in enterprise-level institutional and governmental bodies, to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Excel catalogs

To expedite the process of bulk-ordering we maintain catalogs in .XLSX format. We maintain weekly price updates with Trade pricing in multiple languages for your convenience.

Lifetime warranty

SmartGrade Pro™ provides a lifetime warranty for the majority of references within our catalogue. The RMA process is oriented towards a Corrective Action Process.

Custom BOM and Quality criteria

We support organization's specific product requirements with customized Bill of Materials (BOM) and Quality Criteria, which is executed directly with the assembler/ manufacturer.

Quote on demand

Trade accounts may directly forward quotation requests to their Dedicated sales representative to receive a Trade-Level quotation including the lowest possible unit pricing, shipping cost and order lead time.

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