Li-ion battery safety is serious

We take performance and safety to the next level.

Li-ion Battery Safety & Quality

Complete safety documentation

SmartGrade™ maintains UN38.3, CE and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our complete line of Li-ion batteries.


Standard UN 38.3: Transportation Testing for Lithium Batteries and Cells ensures that batteries are safe for transport.


The CE mark certifies that batteries meet European standards and criteria and can be sold within Europe.


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are used to outline the best safety practices for usage, handling, storage and transport.

Complete batteries vs. raw battery cells

SmartGrade™ provides both complete battery and raw battery cells for most iPhone models., allowing technicians to bypass iOS errors.

Complete batteries are ready for direct installation and are the best choice for a fast repair process. iOS may detect replacement complete batteries as non-OEM.

Raw battery cells do not include the PCBa controller to bypass the iOS OEM warning. The controller is cloned from the original and installed on the raw battery cell.

Li-ion battery testing process

SmartGrade™ comprehensively tests each battery for resistance, capacity and safety related issues.

Impedance / Resistance

Batteries with low resistance or impedance issues drain power faster. This is often the most vital and overlooked quality related inspection for Li-ion batteries.


Each battery is individually verified through visual inspection for safety issues including swelling, punctures, loose flex cables and faulty controllers.


Proper capacity testing requires specialized capacity testing equipment, which completely drains the battery's power, then recharges to accurately determine the capacity.

Li-ion storage best practices

Storage environment
Unit power requirements
Recharging batteries

During storage, batteries will slowly discharge, which can lead to a drop in performance or loss of function.

Li-ion battery disposal

Li-ion battery disposal should always be managed by a certified battery disposal service. Please contact SmartGrade™ for more information as to local pickup services and drop-off locations near you.

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