SmartGrade™ – Apporta redditività all’industria della riparazione


Good repairs require great parts

We provide repair professionals with the quality parts they deserve.


SmartGrade Pro™ is the industry leader in enterprise level wireless spare parts fulfillment, focused on providing the EU professional market with a diverse range of sustainably sourced, high quality consumer-electronic repair parts.

Client satisfaction is achieved through first-class customer support backed by process driven sourcing, quality control and logistics. We’re dedicated to growing your business and providing you with supplies and resources that bring your business to the next level.

Staff & Facilities

SmartGrade™ has an employee base of over 80 personnel in Portugal, France, Mainland China and Hong Kong. SmartGrade™ currently maintains facilities in Portugal (Logistics), France (Finance & Account Management), Hong Kong (Reclamation Services) and Mainland China (Supply Operations).

Sales & Support

SmartGrade™ employs a comprehensive support strategy encompassing all aspects of client engagement.

Our customer service team regularly monitor emails, live chat and phones and are happy to assist with any aspect of your enquiry.

Dedicated account managers work directly with clients to manage client specifications, product requirements, orders and custom sourcing projects.

Our technical support is composed of repair experts with extensive industry experience.

All returns are managed through our Corrective Actions team, who are trained to quickly resolve issues to the client’s satisfaction, while working directly with our quality control team to isolate affected inventory, identify the root cause, implement corrective actions and follow-up to ensure issues are effectively corrected.


SmartGrade™ delivers our commitment to client satisfaction through well-defined and transparent process, leaving virtually nothing to chance.

We maintain client specific quality criteria and BOMs for all products in our catalog.

All quality issues are recorded and resolved through SCARs.

All suppliers and re-manufacturers receive regular audit to ensure safety and sustainability best practices are respected.


SmartGrade™ has established a global component supply chain centered in, but not exclusive to Asia and Europe.

With over 15 years of experience in Chinese battery and LCM manufacturing and assembly, we are positive in our capacity to know what to look for and where to find it.

Our unique sourcing approach places value on equity-shared partnerships with suppliers, re-manufacturers, repairers and factories which have been thoroughly qualified, on-site audited and regularly monitored for measurable results.

We maintain long-term and valued partnerships with suppliers who share pride in the quality of goods and services we provide.

Quality Assurance

SmartGrade™  has committed to a dynamic quality assurance program, both in Europe and China, to supply products which are sourced and quality controlled in-house. All products undergo visual inspection and functional testing specific to client criteria in order to achieve the highest possible degree of satisfaction. Our unique closed loop Corrective Actions plan continues to impress the market in terms of quality as well as clear and grading as continue to push our efforts every day to elevate industry standards.


SmartGrade™  warehouse and logistics facility in strategically located in Porto, Portugal with next-day delivery capabilities through most locations in Europe. We maintain substantial inventory for the majority of our product listings in our catalog. Our bespoke ERP system minimizes redundant inventory, miss-picks and zero picks to ensure our client’s receive orders on time and in good condition.


SmartGrade™  recognizes the serious impact of consumer electronic products on the environment and is committed to reducing Waste from Electric & Electronic Equipment through repair, refurbishment and re-manufacture of electronic devices and components


SmartGrade™  provides a full range of services tailored to meet the needs of the circular economy including broken screen buyback, LCM/ screen refurbishment and level 4 logic board repairs.

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